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Retail Voice

Retail Voice

Si2i GCC - A cost effective turn-key solution

Enjoy the ability to provide low cost calling card services via reliable IP infrastructure. Si2i GCC enables service providers & partners to deploy a feature-rich Voice over IP (VoIP)-based calling card service with minimal investment.

With advanced next-generation infrastructure that spans from robust billing capabilities and extensive termination network to high availability and security features, Si2i GCC is well-equipped to help partners deliver top-notch prepaid calling card services at minimal costs.

Si2i GCC service comprises of:

GCC Card Features

Secured PIN Authentication
Si2i GCC is designed ground-up, keeping security foremost in mind. User privacy and account security are ensured.

PIN-less Calling
Users can register and store multiple telephone numbers and associate them to a single PIN. By doing so, a caller can enjoy the convenience of using the calling card service to make international calls from any of the registered telephone lines, without having to go through the tedious process of entering their account and PIN for authentication.

Si2i GCC service offers global roaming to your users. They can use the same card in multiple countries where Si2i has a GCC point of presence.

Simple Account with Multiple Services
A Si2i GCC account can be used across multiple Si2i services including Si2i PC Phone and Si2i IP Phone services. A user with a GCC account has more options to place calls with, and is no longer restricted to using the calling card service only. Every call placed through the Si2i GCC service is completed over our own robust IP infrastructure, providing crisp and clear voice communications. Behind every innovative Si2i product lies more than ten years of pioneering development in VoIP services. Si2i's patented technology and focus on flexibility, reliability and quality makes us the leader in consumer and enterprise VoIP services today.


Competitive Pricing
Si2i enjoys a significant market share of the global pure-play VoIP market and has an established growth pattern. With our global presence, Si2i benefits from economies of scale and can thus provide our partners with an excellent combination of competitive pricing bundled with great voice quality and outstanding support.

Custom Voice Prompts
Partners can choose their own greeting messages to differentiate their product and enhance their brand names.

Prepaid and Postpaid Services
By supporting both prepaid and postpaid payment modes, Si2i GCC enables partners to effectively target a wide range of customer segments ranging from consumers to business customers.

Ready and Tester Infrastructure
With Si2i's extensive termination network, calls can be make using the prepaid card to more than 200 countries. A 24/7 operational NOC offers responsive support and ensures service availability.

Flexible Billing Capability
Si2i GCC enables partners to define account & billing configurations and variations, thus providing a flexible mechanism to launch newer products and services for their target markets, making sure that they remain competitive.

Partner Support
Si2i will assist and continue to work with our partners in designing, planning and setting-up of the GCC access network. There will be ongoing effort to customize service offerings to meet market requirements.

Si2i will also assist in sales and promotional campaigns
Si2i continues to extend our commitment to our partners by focusing on research and development. This enables us to improve call quality, add enhanced features, improve account management tools and build a more flexible billing system.


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